Privacy Policy

The use of this application ("Parallax") in a server requires the collection of some specific user data ("Data"). The Data collected includes, but is not limited to Discord user ID values, message content, and timestamps of messages sent. Use of Parallax is considered an agreement to the terms of this Policy.

Access to Data

Access to Data is only permitted to Parallax's developers, and only in the scope required for the development, testing, and implementation of features for Parallax. Data is not sold, provided to, or shared with any third party, except where required by law or a Terms of Service agreement. You can view the data upon request from r0cket#0115.

Storage of Data

Data is stored in a MongoDB database. The database is secured to prevent external access, however no guarantee is provided and Parallax owners assume no liability for the unintentional or malicious breach of Data. In the event of an unauthorised Data access, users will be notified through the Discord client application.

User Rights

At any time, you have the right to request to view the Data pertaining to your Discord account. You may submit a request through the Discord Server. You have the right to request the removal of relevant Data.

Underage Users

The use of the Bot is not permitted for minors under the age of 13, or under the age of legal consent for their country. This is in compliance with the Discord Terms of Service. No information will be knowingly stored from an underage user. If it is found out that a user is underage we will take all necessary action to delete the stored data.


If you have any questions or are concerned about what data might be being stored from your account contact r0cket#0115. For more information check the Discord Terms of Service.